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One of the easiest ways for people to express joy and happiness is through smiles and laughter thus creating the theory that happy people smile more often than others. It is also a well-known scientific fact that it takes fewer facial muscles to beam a smile than to concoct a frown. Knowing this, it is easy to declare that smiling regularly is a beneficial habit that should be adopted by every individual regardless of age, race, or state of mind. A beautiful face accentuated with a bright smile paints a picture of a satisfied and content person adding to the universal beauty of nature. Apart from the fact that smiling makes us more beautiful, several health benefits are also attached to this happy exercise. The following are ways in which a smile can make a person healthier:

Relieves stress

An average human day is filled with various levels of stress ranging from physical, emotional to mental and psychological. The act of smiling can reduce the impact of stress on an individual and this is quite shocking knowledge. This happens because when you smile, your brain receives a signal indicating positivity and excitement and the interpretation of this signal subtly diffuses the tensions which oftentimes accompany stress thus resulting in an increased reduction in stress levels. This theory is also behind the use of comedy as a form of relaxation where laughter is elicited to make a person feel better and happier.

Alleviates pain

People in different spheres of life go through several forms of pain every day to the ignorance of others resulting in the high consumption of medications for pain relief. Smiles are natural agents of reducing pain in various forms especially the emotional kind. This is because endorphin which is a natural pain stopper is produced when a smile lights up our face. This chemical along with serotonin is a certified alleviator of pain and is released naturally when we smile. It is, therefore, safe to say that the more we smile, the less hurt and pain we feel.

Contagious source of happiness

A room filled with smiling faces is one of the best places to be. This is because smiling is an easily contagious act that quickly transfers happiness and joy among people. A smile brightens up the environment and makes it more appealing. People who smile often are also easily approachable and fun to interact with. 

It may look simple but one sure way to spread happiness, share love and attract people is to always wear a smile regardless of physical conditions.

Increased lifespan

Smiling regularly is a simple indicator of happiness and fulfillment and it is known that happy people live longer than sad ones therefore the positive effects of smiling are visibly seen. The more you smile, the happier you become and the happier you are, the higher your chances of living a longer life. Therefore, it is advisable to start and end your day with a smile at every point in time for prolonged and contented life. 

Builds self-esteem

Sad and angry people are always the most diagnosed sufferers of low self-esteem. This is because frowning easily attracts gloom and a sense of poorness and emptiness. Smiles on the other hand brightens your face and mind and are an easy pointer to success. Smiling often also increases self-confidence and self-worth as your happy nature tends to make you feel better about yourself. Your high self-esteem increases your value resulting in a high chance of success and an attraction of good things. 

Increases positivity

In a world like ours, it is easy to lose zeal, joy, and happiness due to several discouraging circumstances. However, smiling often helps to increase our levels of positivity. Smiling helps to keep bad and negative energies far away while inviting good and positive ones. Seeing that it is an easy route to being and staying happy, it offers no room for depression or extreme sadness as our lives are characterized by smiles and laughter making us a ball of happy vibes. 

Attractive appearance

A smiling lifestyle should be cultivated and adopted because it solves a problem which most people spend a fortune trying to resolve. Smiling makes you more attractive as it presents you in an approachable and cultured manner making it easy to make friends and meet new people. A regular smiling face is sure to win you the hearts of people as it is easy to trust a person who smiles all the time than one whose frowns have etched permanent lines on their faces. Smiling makes one look inviting and welcoming making it easier to create bonds and encourage social interactions. For a healthy social relationship with others, always put a smile on your face.

Boosts immune system

The immune system of the human body is its defense mechanism responsible for maintaining good health. One natural and stress-free way to keep your immune system effective and functional is by smiling regularly. This is because while smiling, your body registers that you are in a relaxed mood thereby increasing the working conditions of your body cells. It is also relevant to note that the body cells develop better in a favorable and happy body condition. Showing off smiles all the time can keep you free from diseases and infections and help you live a healthier life. 

Reduces blood pressure

While stress and anxiety contribute greatly to increased blood pressure, laughter, and smiles fight off this action by reducing the blood pressure and maintaining good health. Constant smiling and laughter effectively reduce heart rate increased by stress and the reduction of heart rate constitutes a regular and healthy body functioning. Blood pressure is naturally regulated through regular and constant smiling.


Smiling may seem like a simple and insignificant act but it provides numerous benefits to individuals at no real cost. Our body and mind are designed for comfort and convenience and this is a concept our smiles relate to our brains thus resulting in an excited, happy, and controlled social disposition. Therefore, the next time you want to scowl or frown, try to recall the numerous benefits of smiling and fill your face with one. 

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