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There are many running adverts and online content about getting dental implants the same day. Frankly, not everybody is eligible for dental implants on the same day. Same-day implants depend on the type of process you have to undergo, your specific case, and the care needed before placing your dental implant.

A dental implant is a general surgical process that provides a lasting solution to replace missing or defective teeth. With dental implants, you will require some regular dental visits, unlike the cosmetic dental procedure.

Most dental implant procedures need several appointments to make the correct placement, proper care, and stability for patients’ cases. People with significant mouth infections might require several schedules for bone grafts and extractions before placing the implant(s). You may want to get your mouth back to full function and a new smile; however, it would be wise to follow the due process to achieve your ideal outcome.

Am I a Candidate

Like most procedures, not everybody who wishes to have same-day implants may receive them. Conditions for an ideal candidate include the following.

· Have decided to stop smoking before the procedure or be a non-smoker

· Overall healthy

Whereas the following conditions would relate to those who do not qualify:

· Poor oral hygiene or health

· Autoimmune disease

· Smoker

· Gum disease

· Bruxism

· Chronic disease

There are some drawbacks and benefits to same day dental procedures. However, before you decide about going on with the procedure, consult your dentist and determine if you fit in same-day dental procedures. When that is so, you might be having your new smile that same day.

Traditional Implants vs. Same-Day Dental Implants

The simplicity of immediate load or same-day dental procedures for dental implants is astounding. It may take conventional implants some months to finalize the process, but it might be complete in one dentist appointment with same-day dental procedures. With conventional implants, the candidate must:

· Remove the teeth and wait for about two to four months for their socket to recover

· Attach the implant and then wait for osseointegration three to six months

· Then placing the crown in the inserted implant

· All this may take five to ten months

However, same-day dental procedures are much more comfortable and quicker—plan for an early consultation appointment to know whether you qualify to be a candidate. Additionally, final checkups are essential after the procedure. Before the surgery, you will need a single dentist appointment. This allows patients to skip the wound recovery process, long months of waiting, and osseointegration.

Benefits of Same-Day Dental Procedures

There are several pros and a few cons of same-day dental treatment. Below is a breakdown of the benefits and disadvantages of this treatment.

Pros of Same-Day Dental Treatment

• Feel and look like original teeth

· Can minimize wrinkles because of bone loss or facial collapse

· Brings back facial contour

· Prevents sensitivity to cold and hot food or drinks

· Teeth are fastened to your jaw, preventing any slippage

· Reduced physical disruption to your bone and the surrounding tissue

· Keeps you off from bone grafts

• Prompt outcomes in just one appointment

· No gum flap surgery needed

· Reduces you discomfort

· No interruption of your everyday activities

· Convenience appointment just one time visit

· Less healing time, often recovery is on the same day

· A long-term care and an affordable treatment

· Reduced complications

· A permanent and durable solution

Cons of Same-Day Dental Treatment

· Patience in the course of osseointegration to attain success

· Same day implants have a greater risk of graft movement

· Infection risk

· For those who have a smoking habit, it is advisable to stop smoking

· People who grind or clench their teeth might damage the replacements prematurely

The Risks of Same-Day Dental Treatment

The risks that relate to same-day dental implants are insignificant. The main worry with this implant surgery is osseointegration. Osseointegration is a simple process where your implants fuse with your jawbone. The process might take about three to six months before the implant fuse fully.

Although a crown is instantly implanted, as is the case with same-day treatment, success will depend upon your implant perfectly fusing with your bone. The final bit of shift might result in healing process complications.

Your body will fuse the titanium exterior part of every implant with the adjacent bone. The implants have to be precisely placed to ensure they are immobile and stable during the recovery process.

Same-day implants give immediate results; however, osseointegration has to occur for the process to be effective in the long run. Fusing permanently with your jaw takes time. Throughout the procedure, it is highly recommended that you follow the healing guidelines.

For ideal success, you should follow all the healing measures given by your dentist. Patients should take softer meals all through the osseointegration course. Biting on hard foods may lead to shifting your implants; hence, you must avoid them until fusion and complete recovery. Smoking is not recommended as it is a detrimental factor to healing.

If your implants can fuse perfectly, you will experience no movement or slipping of individual teeth or bridges. Ultimately, the osseointegration is entirely a patient’s responsibility. The lifelong success of this procedure depends on your patience and dedication. Failure to follow your dentist’s instructions may result in displaced implants with a reduced comfy fit or more serious complications.


Dental implants are a successful way out to your missing tooth. Implants on the same day give instant outcomes. Patients no longer need to stress about their smile gaps. Speaking and eating habits may be swiftly reestablished. This is a huge lifestyle and confidence boost.

For more accurate and detailed information, be sure to visit us or plan a consultation. Our dedicated team will be ready to help you make a wise choice of the most suitable care plan.

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